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Effects of Cannabidiol (CBD)

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CBD or cannabidiol is one of the major elements of the cannabis plant as it accounts for 40% of the plant. This oil is known to have numerous medicinal properties and can be easily digested, if taken in small doses. Quality CBD products were used in the treatment of various psychological disorders and skin diseases such as schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis, now it is being used as alternative therapy in the treatment of cancer, as this oil is known to alleviate various cancer symptoms such as nausea and chronic pain. There are several other illnesses such as Dravet Syndrome where CBD oil is given to the patients orally because of the antioxidant properties of the oil. Now, there is no concrete proof to testify that CBD oil decreases the progress of different cancers, the compound of CBD oil is known to reduce chronic pain and nausea that most cancer patients face. According to the researchers, the compounds of CBD oil don’t have any effect on the neuro-psychological functions of the patients, the therapeutic effects can have a significant impact on the patients suffering from dementia and other psychiatric disorders.

Effects of Cannabidiol (CBD)

1. Effects on Patients with Epilepsy:  When CBD oil was administered to epileptic patients, they didn’t show any major side effects; rather the components of CBD oil helped calm down the patients during their seizure attacks. Though extensive researches are going on, physicians have found that among all the other medications that were given to the epileptic children to calm their minds, CBD oil was the most effective.

2. Effects on Brain Aging: Several synthetic compounds are there that are quite similar to THC in their composition and have the properties that work wonders when it comes to the prevention and reversing the process of brain aging. Several experiments that were led on lab animals demonstrated that cannabidiols decrease the inflammation of the brain and boosts the memory by releasing various anti-oxidants from the brain. Cannabidiols are known to enhance BDNF which promotes the growth of new brain cells and protect the vital nerve cells of the brain. Thus, CBD or cannabidiols can play a vital role in the prevention of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

3. Effects on Body Pain and Spastic Movements: Almost all the cancer patients complain of chronic pain, nausea and tremors after undergoing chemotherapy sessions. According to the researchers, cannabidiol has a calming effect on the patients and it also helps boost their appetite. Many studies on the effect of cannabidiol used for pain relief have reflected that CBD is can reduce pain by suppressing the pathways of brain neuronal transmission that transmit a pain signal.

4. Effects on Cancer Cells: CBD, in some cases, has been shown to possibly to stunt the growth of cancerous cells and destroy the receptors that regulate the development of cancer cells.

Several government and private organizations have conducted different research on cannabis and CBD oil products and have found the results pretty optimistic. Keeping that in mind, stating that CBD can possibly be one of the best alternative medicine for several diseases in the future.

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