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Charlotte's Web Hemp Infused Balm


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CBD Hemp infused and blended with botanicals + essential oils.

  • Available in 1.5oz tins
  • Contain 300 mg of hemp extract per oz.
  • Soothing Scent



    • Apricot kernel oil with oleic and linoleic acids moisturize and help condition
    • Soothing botanical scent crafted with all-natural essential oils, no synthetic fragrances
    • Ingredients are sustainably grown, non-GMO, gluten free, cruelty free and packaged in BPA-free containers


    For Best Results
    • Apply throughout the day or night as needed
    • For body use, not intended for facial application
    • Avoid contact with eyes
    • Our scented formulation features natural botanicals like menthol and cinnamon, which feels soothing on your body, but may be a bit much if you try it on your face


    Product contains less than .3% THC